Meet With the King of the Streets – 2000 HP Alpha Omega GT-R ‘Sweeps the Floor’ with Three 2 000 HP Lamborghinis

The video that we have prepared for you in today’s post, contains one of those moments that puts a big smile on the face of every street racer in the world, as this highly modified Alpha Omega GT-R, with an engine that gives an output of 2 000 HP, driven by Ivan Phipps, is taking a role of a real Lamborghini Killer, and becomes an overall monarch of the Streets Texas Invitational.

This great event is being hosted by The Texas Speed Syndicate since 2010 and it would be safe to say that it has become one of the biggest shows of street legal, highly modified supercars in the entire country. This year there were 42 monsters of muscle and sports cars down there in Texas (Lamborghinis, Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, Supras, Twin Turbo Vipers…), but at the end of it, the main focus was at the abovementioned Alpha Omega GT-R.

Thus, the following video will show you just how fast this incredible car is, as it takes its ‘victims’ down, one after another at the strip, and on the top of the list were two 2 000 HP Heffner and UGR Twin Turbo Lamborghini. Check it out!


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