Mercury Cyclone ROLLING THROUGH The Backroads Of Norway! The Look Of This Car Alone Is Enough To Give Me An ADRENALINE RUSH!

This is one proud owner and builder too of the Mercury Cyclone which now is driven on the Norwegian backroads.  As Alexander says he was into cars when he was only 10 years old. It was his father which placed the passion about cars in him. His father was always watching the car shows on the TV, the mechanics which were working on some engine. After Alexander realized that he shares the passion about cars with his father, he started to look for cars too. He went to the junkyard where old cars were thrown and he was thinking about how he would have rebuilt them, which engine is good and which is not and he learned all the mechanical aspects of the engines as well.

Now he is rolling in a Mercury Cyclone and he is adoring this car. Taking that amazing ride out of the garage has the surprise of the reveal in it, because we didn’t know what to expect before seeing the car. And as the automatic door started to roll on the top revealing less by less the whole car we knew that we are going to have one hell of an experience with it.

The Mercury Cyclone is not the muscle car that all people like it. All this because of the shape of the body which makes it so much different than a Challenger R/T or a Chevy SS. The build of the Mercury went very well. All the body works has been done by Alexander himself which owns a garage with all the tools and machines needed for the build of cars.

He has spent so much money on other cars too, the Mercury Cyclone is not the only one that he has built and he will continue with the good work and surprise us again with his new ride.


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