MIND-BLOWING BLOWN V8 VW Golf MK1 Amazes People At Tractor Pulling Competition!

The VW Golf MK1 for the first time saw the daylight in 1974, presented as modern front-wheel drive family car. Soon after his introduction he won the sympathies around the world and any car manufacturer at that time wanted his baby car to look like this popular hatchback.

But that’s all for today’s history lesson, let’s return on our main subject, the amazing VW Golf MK1 which is participating in the tractor pulling competition.

Really unusual isn’t it? It is fine to see blown tractors or blown trucks on these competitions but you will never expect to see a VW Golf! Yeah, VW Golf MK1 with blown V8 engine! This car is proof that if you focus your mind on particular task the output can be amazing, like this blown VW Golf.

You need to watch this small beast fitted on huge rear tires popping up wheelies from the very beginning until the very end. But who cares if the steering is bypassed, anyway you won’t need it because the rear wheels are controlling everything here.

Play the video bellow and enjoy watching this endemic tractor pulling rig!


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