MINI Cooper S Completes The Nürburgring Circuit ON TWO WHEELS! EPIC WORLD RECORD Set By Stunt Driver Han Yue!

One of the most well-known stuntmen in the world of cars is the Chinese Hun Yue. This man has gone down in history for being the first stunt driver able to complete the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit and its more than 20 kilometers in length leaning only on the two wheels on the left of his MINI Cooper S.

It took Hun 45 minutes to pass the whole distance of the track, characterized by its ups and downs, in addition to protruding sections in curve like the famous carousel.

The glorious Nordschleife track is commonly used to prove the speed capabilities of sports cars. On the track surrounded by greenery, all car manufacturers want to measure their possibilities.

The best times achieved serve as the benchmark, and producers, as a rule, then use these results in advertising and promotional purposes. Always searching for the maximum, most test pilots know and go beyond the physical laws only to finish behind the protective fences of the “green hell”.

Since we have already mentioned the laws of physics, the Chinese stuntman Han Yue successfully resisted gravity at Nordschleife. With his Mini Cooper S he managed to pass the entire track (22.5 km.) driving on two wheels only, thus setting a new world record on the track. Starting from the high Dettinger section, the 46-year-old stuntman turned his Mini on two wheels with a ramp and headed down the path on which drivers are faced with difficult problems even on four wheels.

Nurburgring is a favorite place for addicts of adrenaline and record times, and with the current record for driving on two wheels, the legendary “Green Hell” is richer for another record waiting to be broken.

Here on the following video you can see the complete sequence of this unparalleled feat. Kudos to Hun for setting once again an unimaginable and mind-blowing world record. We can’t wait to see what will be his next incredible feat.

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