Monster DeLoreans: Truck, Convertible, Limousine, and Hovercraft!

Yes, believe in what your eyes now behold. A monster truck! Is it a fiction? On the contrary, there are even monster convertibles, limousines, hovercrafts, and trucks. The reason why these DeLorean vehicles are hardly known is due to the recessed production amounted to 9, 000. In recent years, they are almost totally omitted from the driveway.

DeLorean Monster Vehicles-15

The owners of the few remaining versions must be really proud. One of them is Rich DeLorean, who does not possess only one unit, but each of these model versions. He is a proud DeLorean collector of a custom DMC-12, a convertible, a hovercraft, and a sic-door limousine.

Rumor has it that these models may be part of Back to the Future sequel.


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