MONSTER MARBLE PIECES CUT in MASTERFUL WAY – Short film by Yuri Ancarani! Must See!!!

Il Capo is the poetic short film by Yuri Ancarani filmed since 2010, the year in which it was presented at the 67th Venice Film Festival in Venice. Fifteen minutes can keep you glued to the screen, with your eyes in ecstasy to follow the poetic movements of a silent leader in a surreal environment.

This video talks about the incredible beauty of an Italian story, we are on Mount Bettogli, in Carrara, in the marble quarries for which the whole world envies Italy for centuries.

The landscape is fascinating and huge, able to oppress and make you feel great at the same time: the mountains, the rocks, the sky – all above the littleness of man, if it were not for his intelligence. Through the forming machine: powerful cranes that move only on the will and guidance of Il Capo (The chief).

Il Capo is the man in charge of the quarry, a silent conductor who only with hand movements directs a din of cracks and shifts. The gesture is all, the shots take the breath away, the main character is behind weaves of code markings that pull the strings of an invisible puppet.

It is a heroic documentary, speaking of the time, the nature of man. An aesthetic experience that touches the heart with the size of the immortal works carved in marble.


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