THIS is HUGE…The Fastest MONSTER Toyota Supra In The Middle East ! Quarter Mile In 6 Seconds At 240MPH!!!

A Toyota Supra heavily overdosed with steroids does 0-387 km / h in 6 seconds!

On the international circuit of Bahrain, a white Toyota Supra does 0-387 km / h in 6.05 seconds at a distance of 420 meters. The car was prepared by the domestic tuner Ekanoo Racing, but it is unknown what exactly is located under the bonnet, only the engine, a Toyota 2JZ with s 98 precision turbocharger which is paired with a 5-speed liberty transmission. In other words, this baby is a real land rocket.

Perhaps the owner of the Supra wanted to keep us in total mystery about the car, demonstrating the capabilities of the vehicle and leaving us to wonder – WHAT WAS THAT THING?! I can’t imagine myself being a passenger in that lethal weapon! This was the epic moment. Better get ready to witness some outstanding speed.


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