BRUTAL POWER Heavy Machinery !!! Monstrous Caterpillar D11R Pushing A Massive 20 Feet Rock!!!

Thousands of years ago, the workers who build the pyramids and other monumental buildings in ancient Egypt used wooden logs to transport the massive granite blocks from the dessert to the building site. Their backs know best how arduous and challenging was that task.

Taught from the hard experience of these people, centuries ahead men have always sought to facilitate the work and achieve better results. Thus came the thing called machinery.

Oil-based machinery has immensely magnified the human ability to conduct unimaginable hard tasks without slightest efforts. Imagine what the construction industry would look like today without these powerful machines. That is weeks or months of work without engine power.

An excellent example of this fact is this Herculean Caterpillar D11R pushing a 20 foot rock down a cliff. This D11R is powered by a V8 diesel engine with power of 850 hp.

I’m sure that if Wile E. Coyote — super genius, had this monstrous machine he would have caught that damn roadrunner without a doubt! Check it out on the next video:


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