ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Watch This Guy Moving A 7,000 Pound Limestone Block With A Cat 420E Backhoe!!!

Working in the construction business is a tough job for sure. Often times it requires a lot of intelligence and exceptional skills. And this man is a solid proof of that. Watch him as he moves a heavy 7,000 pounds limestone block with his Caterpillar 420E backhoe and almost tipping over. The heavy rock slab was used for a bridge at the front of a beautiful house.

That big limestone block was so heavy that as soon as the Cat 420E lifted up, it tipped it down to only two wheels that the driver had to pull down the backhoe in order to maintain balance of the construction vehicle. Few moments later while making a turn down the unpaved road, the limestone again made some trouble for the driver. This time it tipped the 420E to the side, so the driver had to rotate the backhoe to the opposite side and managed to get back the vehicle to the ground on all four wheels. In the end, he finished his task with a complete success. This man has some excellent skills! I’m sure the Constructicons would be very jealous. Kudos to him 🙂


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