MUST SEE! Ridiculous Police Chase After Illegal Race Between Nissan GTR and Chevrolet Camaro…

Spend the pure gasoline for nothing! The U.S. police was ridiculed after trying to catch a Camaro Nitrous LSX after its impressive clandestine race against a Nissan GTR.

On the video can be seen how the responsible for enforcing the law appear after the Camaro passes a red light, but their attempt to catch them is diluted in seconds.

While the American police cars have high quality, they can never be compared to machines as much as prepared as a Nitrous LSX Camaro or Nissan GTR. As if a cop car could ever reach that GTR!

However, after posting this video on Youtube, the owner of the GTR has pretty good chances to be caught by the police. This video is now all over the internet. The driver of the GTR will lose the GTR for a few months, spend about 3 months in jail and then as a cherry on the top, he will pay a hefty fine. Not very smart to run from the police and think you can escape. It’s even dumber to post the video on the internet so the police can have an easy way tracking you down.


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