MUST SEE THIS BEAUTY! HUGE Army Of Chargers, Challengers and Cudas!

It turns out that the ‘cold’ Finnish people are actually pretty excited and burning with passion for some Mopar beasts. Here we have a great video that shows a muscle cars meeting in Sipoo, Finland back in 2013. This is quite an impressive sight to see. So many different and beautiful children of Mopar arrived to a car meeting with the sole purpose of lighting up the flames of power in this snowy Scandinavian country.

On the video we can see a trio of Challengers born in 1970 and another third generation brother, Chargers and one pink beauty of a 1970 Cuda, a supercharged Dodge Dart GT and a Plymouth Duster were also there to help the cause and spread the fire of Mopar. The locals of this place surely enjoyed a unique opportunity like this. Looking at this footage I would say it sure is nice to live there and enjoy such an amazing festivity for every Mopar fan.


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