MUST WATCH – AMAZING LEGENDARY Journey To The Edge of The Universe – 1080p!



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  1. jam kerjanqendro deshiroj te bej pjes norganisaten tuajshpresoj te me pranoni ju faliminderit

  2. there’s no others safest place in the solar system is our mother earth. So what we gonna do now is plant trees, conserve water, manage our waste disposal, and what is best for everybody is education, tell ourselves and others the effects of global warming. thanks a lot my dear Astronauts & NASA.

    1. Jerry Greenberg

      The earth is vulnerable as like the other planets and objects existing in the universe. The earth has some added production from cosmic rays and radiation up to certain levels, and from small meteorites coming at it. The atmosphere and magnetic field offers some protection.

      If the earth was hit by a large object or asteroid, or the sun was to have a large eruption or collapse under its own pressure life on earth would be destroyed very quickly. So-far we have been very lucky.

      Planets and other objects in space are being destroyed and formed constantly as the universe expends out. The longer any planet or object exists the greater the odds it will be destroyed.

  3. sally

    that’s all so wrong NOT true at all

  4. Jerry Greenberg

    This documentary only touches as a small speck to even begin to describe about our solar system, galaxy, and what the scientists know that is out there.

    Just in our galaxy alone there are multiple billions of stars and planets. When going out in to interstellar space there are many billions more galaxies, as some are similar to ours and many others are different.

    There are some theories that are saying at the centre of our galaxy is a very strong black hole. The gravitational force of this black hole is the gravity force that is holding the many billions of stars and planets in to the galactic orbit that they are in. With the many solar systems we can see there are orbital systems within other orbital systems.

    The vastness and complexities are far beyond what we understand. The scientists who spend their lives studying astronomy in depth are only able to have an idea of what is out there, and have only the beginning of a very basic understanding of the systems that exist, and how they work.

    It is a natural progression that stars and planets are formed, exist for some time, and then they get destroyed. Then from the debris and with combining with other systems new stars and planets exist. It is like a cycle that keeps going. It will go on until the universe runs out of energy if this can ever happen. This also means our planet will have a lifespan which nobody can predict with great accuracy. Chances are the earth can last a few hundred million or maybe a few billion years more. We have no way to predict this other than from derived probabilities based on theoretical data.

    As for the dangers of hostile alien life finding us, we are theoretically probably very safe because of the vast distances between us and other systems. If there are aliens that can visit here, their technology would have to be thousands or millions of years more advanced than anything we know or have. Using our level of technology humans travelling outside of our solar system is not feasible by any means, and is much too dangerous for survival.

  5. dwight

    what makes you so smart sally why is it so wrong

  6. Diogo Vasconcellos e Sá


    Can I download it for my private collection?


    Diogo Vasconcellos e Sá

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