Mustang II KING COBRA! The Come Back of The Greatest ‘Stang Model Ever!

If you ask some of the Ford Mustang aficionados and connoisseurs which pony model is the very best and greatest of all time, many of them will say that it is Mustang II King Cobra model from the late 70s. Therefore, Ford Motor Company had come up with the decision to make a come back of this glorious machine, with the new and a little bit mysterious concept that was shown at this year’s SEMA show.

So, out of the many 2015 ‘Stangs that were shown at 2014 SEMA Show and caught the eyes of the visitors, the center of attention was the new Ford Racing’s King Cobra Mustang model, built and constructed only with Ford Racing performance parts. As the Ford guys like to say, this is probably the best from Ford Racing, where street-and-drag strip cars are being pushed to their maximum. In this case, this means that with a help of Ford Racing’s Drag Pack, the new King Cobra can generate 600+ HP. The main component of this Super Pack is the 2.3 liter TVS Supercharger that was developed by Ford in collaboration of ROUSH Performance.

Check out the video and see how the new Ford’s street fighter actually looks like.


10 thoughts on “Mustang II KING COBRA! The Come Back of The Greatest ‘Stang Model Ever!

  1. Austin

    you have your stuff all backwards. late 70’s mustangs are the bastard children of the mustang world. it is no where near the greatest model ever so I’m very confused as to how you are getting this conclusion. its nice to see they are doing a renewal of it but your opening statement is completely false. and I’ve built several mustang II king cobras.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for the notice Austin. We’ll do our best to improve. Being experienced with building Mustangs, what would say is the best Mustang ever?

      1. Dylan

        67 fast back or the 69 mach1 fastback

  2. Ted

    +1 Austin, you are correct. The Mustang II was based on the Pinto platform. I think Ford is just reviving the name in the Cobra lineup.

    1. Mac

      And according to some people, the Pinto platform is one of the reasons why today the Mustang II has a bad reputation. Yet, the Mustang II was a valuable learning curve that lead Ford to better pony cars in th 1980s

  3. Tracy L.

    From a complete novice, based solely on looks (well, the motor too), I’d say the 1969 Boss 429 was the greatest mustang ever made. Wouldn’t mind a refresh of that some time in the near future…

  4. brett

    The 67 fast back.

    1. Mac

      Great choice Brett. That is a real beauty 🙂

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