Mustangs from Nitto Tire and Hollywood Hot Rods Debuting at SEMA Show

We believe that some of you are rolling your eyes in despair as you eagerly wait for the SEMA Show to come. To mildly comfort you, SEMA is doing previews, the latest ones being two customized 2014 Mustangs from Nitto Tire and Hollywood Hot Rods. Recently, we have posted Vortech Supercharger’s “Yellow Jacket” Mustang.

Mustang by Hollywood Hot Rods

Firstly, there will be a 2014 Mustang from Hollywood Hot Rods, which is a shop placed out of Burbank, CA. there are not much details uncovered for this vehicle. The renderings look fantastically though. There is a handmade aluminum hardtop featuring one-off aluminum accessories such as a front splitter and grille.

Mustang by Nitto Tire

Secondly, the 2014 Mustang is tuned by Nitto Tire. They finished it in BASF`s eye-popping Brilliant Red complemented with offset stripes. In addition, this Mustang will also incorporate Ford Racing throttle body and a Cobra Jet intake manifold.

The SEMA Show rolls next month. Till then, we are going to update you with every new detail that comes up.


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