MY NOSE FELL OFF! Major Engine Failure Of The Big Mack Attack Pulling Semi Trailer!

Perhaps you’ve seen many videos featuring trucks or tractors dealing with major engine failures when they try to pull that mighty sled down the track. In the following footage you will find out what happens when a breakdown in the driveline itself rears its large head. The truck on the video is the “Big Mack Attack” and the driver in it is Shane Canterbury. It was filmed during the Mid Season Championship of OSTPA in August 2013. Like in most of the videos, at the beginning all things seem to run smooth, but then trouble comes without a warning.

In the video below, the engine of the truck is not blown into pieces, but it is surely the responsible for the failure because of that crazy amount of engine power. After having too much to bear, the truck started jumping which is absolutely incredible considering its size. In the end the nose of the truck bounced up and the driver was thrown around in the truck.

See this amazing event also in slow motion on next video:


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