Need For Speed with a Full-Length Trailer Treatment!

Will the Need For Speed movie ruin our ideal perception of the NFS game?

As it turns out, Hollywood assumes that it`s high time “The Fast and the Furious” thrill was replaced with something slightly different and yet the same full of adrenalin action. So their investments in this movie are pretty high, and, so are our expectations.

Need for Speed Movie

The movie starring Aaron Paul has already made a name for himself in the brilliant “Breaking Bad” series. We are going to see him racing in a Mustang with a helicopter, or something even more challenging.

Michael Keaton is playing a disc jockey that comments, on-air, about the street racing life. His “I can feel love, vengeance, and motor oil all swirling together” makes as curious even more.

Let`s recap the full-length trailer this time.


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