NEW 2015!!! The ETF Haul Train! IT IS ALL set to Conquer the Moon, or Mars !!!

The excavation of rocks from quarries and development with the help of huge dump trucks at the moment is the most effective, but still a very expensive way. And the engineers of the German company ETF together with colleagues from the United Arab Emirates have developed a fantastic project – an ultra-powerful and high-performance monster, which is a road train, with each of the wagons will have its engine capacity of 3,700 horsepower!

Each of the trucks in the bundle will be provided with its own engine, which will be controlled from the cabine of the truck driving. This solution allows great savings on wages for drivers, for now, one prepared driver with the help of computers can replace just four! And the loading of the “train” with four trucks will be almost 1,400 tons of rock.

According to the project all the wheels of each truck of the bunch are manageable, allowing very easy to control the movement. The computer will keep all the “cars” in the tracks of the first, as on regular rails.

What’s very cool and original for the ETF haul train is the fact that each of the trucks regardless of the capacity can function together with the other trucks with equal capacity as one haul train. This way, two, three, four or even more separate trucks can be easily linked together with the help of a steel arm that carries within its structure an enclosed armoured cable for transferring data.

See how these cool trucks operate on the next video:



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