NEW WORLD INNOVATIVE TIRE CONCEPT – Airtrax Cobra Truck Moving in All Directions with EASE!

NEW WORLD INNOVATIVE TIRE CONCEPT -- Airtrax Cobra Truck Moving in All Directions with EASE!

As you can see in the video below, the Airtrax Cobra uses one quite unique wheel system which enables it to move sideways and fore-aft.

The company Airtrax makes a wide range of warehouse vehicles which have this wheel system installed. Airtrax describes its special wheel as “omni directional” which means that with this wheel system movement in multiple directions is fully possible. The navigation of the Airtrax Cobra is managed using a joystick instead of the usual steering wheel found on any other vehicle.

We must admit this is very impressive stuff and we are sure that we’ll see more of this kind of technology in controlled as well as remote-controlled vehicles.



8 thoughts on “NEW WORLD INNOVATIVE TIRE CONCEPT – Airtrax Cobra Truck Moving in All Directions with EASE!

  1. the Falcon

    You know, I can see lots of larger applications for this. From construction and landscaping, to search and rescue. It could have use in combat roles with our military, and even would work well on some automobiles.

  2. MARCO

    Wow so new. only 40 or so years old?

  3. Jack

    the just move in diff. direction you can do this with tires

  4. long big man balls

    Wow ya gives me a hard on holy cow this them tires are so dam awesome I love them I would so put them on everything I own best thing I have ever seen on the dam internet I want them so bad bad I would give a left nut for a set of 4 wow wow wow wow so awesome I cant stop watching the dam video im like 80 times in to it holy crap they arw the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life dam what a wast of time I cant belive it what pos wast of time

  5. nix

    Wow this technology is so new its only been on speciality forklifts forever! Its in the star trek movie for Christs sake!!!this is nothing new

  6. Jay

    While I will admit that these wheels are cool…They are most certainly NOT new. These have been around since 1973. Someone needs to brush up on their definition of “new.”

    Also, “long big man balls” up there needs a damn dictionary as well. I think I lost a significant portion of my IQ points reading that.

  7. Chris

    Welcome to the Airtrax Historical Website

    Airtrax is the original designer and developer of the first commercially produced
    Omni-Directional Lift Truck in the world, the ATX-3000.

    Airtrax introduced this amazing vehicle concept in 2000, manufactured it from September 2005 until March of 2006, and marketed it until 2008 when the company ceased all operations. Airtrax prototyped several other types of vehicles including the COBRA line of Aerial Work Platforms, but none of those were ever produced or sold.

    Vehicle Technologies, Inc. resumed production of the ATX-3000 under license in 2010.

    Vehicle Technologies, suspended production of the ATX-3000 in June of 2013

    The SIDEWINDER is no longer produced, and is only available
    in the used Lift Truck Market

    Vehicle Technologies continues to provide replacement parts for the SIDEWINDER as well as producing a wide variety of Omni-Directional vehicles and Mobility Platforms.

    Contact Vetex at [email protected] or visit their website

  8. joe

    Yeah this is cool but how would it fair on dirt.

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