News on the Fiat Purchasing Chrysler Thing!

Fiat & Chrysler Logos
After the 3.3 percent increase, Fiat controls Chrysler with 68.49 percents.

However, this does not leave Fiat satisfied. The board expressed their high interest in exercising full domination over Chrysler. Out of its six-monthly options, Fiat has pulled through three of them. It is in an advantageous position of further increasing its stake up to 75.

The remaining stake is in the VEBA retiree medical benefits trust`s hands.  Both of the companies have reached an impasse. Fiat estimates the rest of Chrysler to 4.2 billion USD, whereas VEBA insist on 10.3 billion USD.

It was reported in late May that Fiat is expressing interest in loaning 10 billion USD from different banks to close the Chrysler purchase and submit the financial debt of both companies at a lower interest rate.


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