Nissan GT-R Gets Carbon Fiber Back Seats! Guaranteed Comfort And Cool Driving !!!

The specialist in the manufacture of various products from carbon -- REVOZPORT company in 2011 presented one of its best developments -- the rear seats for the Nissan GT-R R35 made from carbon fiber.

The innovative addition made of carbon fiber comes as a renovation of the interior, which includes a barrel of carbon fiber, carbon interior trim and light hood.

I think the seats are not very convenient for passengers, but should be good to reduce the weight of the Nissan GT-R. And pay attention to the trunk for the GT-R from REVOZPORT. It looks very good.

These are 100% carbon glossy (shiny patent anti-UV) backseats.

The carbon “seats” are not intended to remove the seat but aesthetically as part of a relief  for the original rear seats of the Nissan GT-R R35 or for pure aesthetic. What do you think?

carbon_fiber_back -seats_for_nissan_r35_gtr


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