Nissan GT-R in EXTREME WILD Ride – 220 MPH and One HELL of a SPIN in a Dirt!

Only a few days ago, this October 26th, the Extreme Turbo Systems of Nissan GT-R was put to the ultimate test and show off to everybody that when it comes to street racing cars, only a few could be a real match to it, as it hits an unbelievable 220 mph at a ½ mile distance! In his best will to make an attractive stop, the driver lost a control for a moment and made a massive spin out. But taking to an account that this test was made in a middle of nowhere, there were no casualties or anything else alike.

When one drives a car at that incredible speed, it is really hard to tell what actually happened to make him lose control. But after you will watch the video bellow, I think that most of you will agree with me when I say that this ‘addition’ to the entire performance actually looks kind of funny and entertaining. Especially, as abovementioned, there is nothing out there except dirt, so the only thing that could happen (and did happen) was covering the vehicle with a lot of dirt! Check it out and feel the power of GT-R!


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