Nissan R35 GT-R SHOOTING FLAMES While Shifting Gears !!!

Here is one unique and extremely hard core Nissan GT-R modification. Its specialty lies in the amazing fact that it is shooting large flames of the exhaust pipes while shifting gears. It’s a matter of heavily modified Nissan R35 GT-R shot on the Nürburgring, Nordschleife.

On the GT-R is installed straight pipe exhaust system which means that the car has no catalytic converter, or resonator while the muffler has been removed, or there is one that has no baffles in it to make it louder. So its “straight pipe” from the catalytic converter back. Typically it will add a few percent horsepower and improve the MPG’s. It’s modified exhaust system illegal in most states, so not the best idea for a street car. Only cars for off road use have a straight pipe exhaust.

Still, the car creates a huge impression when watching it. A lovely sight to see for every fan of cool GT-R performance!


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