UNIQUE and RARE Like a DIAMOND – Nissan Skyline Models – R33 Nismo 400R!

Check out the following video that we have prepared for you, about this Finish guy, a big Autoholic, as he calls himself, and a proud owner of Nissan Skyline R33 Nismo 400 R, a model that can not be seen very often on the streets this days, especially this one, very rare example of Nismo. As most of you probably know well, this Nissan GT-R model was in a production for only one year, the company originally planned to produce 100 units, but something happened, and only 44 were made before the end of the production line.

The owner of this great Nismo 400R is Joni Peippo, and as he is telling us his story, the car was bought a long time ago, but its original owners did not used it a lot, but actually left it somewhere in a warehouse, so when he found the car, it was in very poor condition. But he decided to buy it and make an investment in it, to transform it in into one of the best R33 models out there, and turn it into what it was originally intended to be – one of the best race cars of the famous Skyline lineup.

The car is based on a R33 V-Spec GTR model, and than Nismo took it over and start to modify the way the wanted the vehicle to be. The final result is overwhelming. Watch the video and find out about the whole story.


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