NO LICENSE PLATE! Chilled Out Redneck Drives a Truck On The Highway In Florida Without A Rear Bumper !!!

God only knows what was happening in this guy’s head when he was driving (and even using) this crazy run down truck (I honestly wonder who is crazier, the truck or the owner). On a state highway in Florida this lifted 4×4 truck was spotted from a person who captured it with a camera while driving silly not caring about a thing in life.

Obviously, this chilled out guy doesn’t have a lot of cares in his life since he drives with a cool head in a risky vehicle like that. What’s even more hilarious is the fact that at certain point on the video he hits a bump which causes the bed of the truck to almost fall down. But, who cares about small insignificant things like that, as long as the vehicle keeps rolling on the road? 🙂 After all, they are primarily made to move, and all else is not so important. Even if by this we consider keeping the vehicle in one piece.

Did I mention that the license plates on the truck appeared to be held on a coat hanger? Check out this easy rider on the video below and share with us your thought about it!


6 thoughts on “NO LICENSE PLATE! Chilled Out Redneck Drives a Truck On The Highway In Florida Without A Rear Bumper !!!

  1. This is perfectly legal although I do not know the height of the truck or the height law on trucks in Florida it seems to be very legal. And the part where you seem to think his bed was going to fly off and hit u was simply his shocks taking affect and for those of you who have ever rode in a lifted truck the higher the lift the more bounce in your ride you will get. There’s no law I know of forcing u to have a bumper and really at that height who the hell would hit it anyways. I’ve even seen people riding with licence plates in the back window, mounted into a custom tailgate or even taped to the truck. Calm down yee lifted truck hater just if you don’t like em don’t look at em cause lifted trucks aren’t going anywhere it’s a huge trend especially in the south. Your lucky this guy didn’t blow coal all over your precious ride lol

  2. gary

    Sad that you insult this rig. Im not a ford guy but this truck is awesome!

  3. andy

    This “article is a complete waste of time, the person that wrote knows nothing. “Run down truck”? The money in the suspension alone is worth more than any of the other cars in that video. They will let anyone write articles these days.

    1. admin

      You are right Andy…it was a guest post not written by our staff!


  4. Cameron

    I love this video. This is me and the first day I put this truck on the road. Haters will always hate. Thanks for the fame

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      You sure have a great truck Cameron. Cheers!

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