NO MORE STEAMY WINDOWS in YOUR CAR or Truck – Get On Road in a Just a Second!

With temperatures dropping in the autumn and the winter, many people face with the same old problem – misted car windows, which hamper the driving and takes away your precious time with wiping them. But, there is a very cool and simple way how you can prevent this from happening.

It won’t take much of your time and you need only two things for it – a pair of new or old socks (which are of course washed 🙂 ) and some cat litter. You can use silica crystal cat litter which is very absorbent. If you’re using old socks, make sure they don’t have any holes in them. Just fill one of the socks with cat litter and tie a know to the end. Then tuck it into the other sock. You can place this absorbent small bag on the dashboard of the car, or hide it under your seats. It will slowly absorb any moisture in your car.

Watch this cool video to solve this problem with this clever little trick by Dave Hax. I hope you will find this trick very useful.


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