Now It’s Time To LEARN HOW To PICK UP GIRLS With a Motorcycle!!!

Well, no more lonely nights my dear gentlemen friends. Thanks to the courtesy of YouTube user hoohoohoblin, we have found a new cure for the disease known as ‘being single’. There is a 100% effective method how to find your perfect dream girl and touch a little piece of heaven.

Check out this amazing video ‘tutorial’ showing how to pick up a girl and impress her with a motorcycle. Now, don’t get the wrong impression that this takes just a bunch of money and expensive motorcycle, but some serious riding skills.

As shown on the video below, to impress a beautiful girl with a motorcycle, you need to do the following steps:

1) Choose exactly her from the rest of the crowd and make her the center of your attention.

2) Convince her that she will be quite safe with you in a dangerous situation.

3) Make her laugh, and

4) Finally, tell your girl to get on the back of your motorcycle. Enjoy this biker mating dance 🙂


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