OMG A BABY BEING PULLED BY RC CAR: This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Husband Alone With The Baby :) LOL

If you are a mom you should probably not watch this video. This is a highly classified video, between a dad and his kids

This is only one of the things that are happening at home when you leave the dad with his kids alone. This is more like home alone, dad version. Anyway, enough with the classified stuff, let’s talk about the video. This is a fun to watch video for everyone, even for the mom… In this short video filmed by YouTube user Grant Avey you will see exactly what is happening at home when you leave your husband alone with the kids. This “dad of the year” thought of an interesting way to push around his young baby. He attached the baby crate to an RC car and with a remote control he is able to pull the baby where ever he wants. It is a cool idea if you don’t fell like pushing the extra weight all day while you are walking with your kids. This might look dangerous but trust me it is not. This invention only needs few more things added and it will be safety proof for any baby.

Enjoy the video!


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