OMG – DRIFTING MADNESS !!! – John Deere Lawn Mower Used in a BEST POSSIBLE WAY!

Just imagine all those nice crop circles and beautiful art that you could create in your lawn while cutting the grass with this John Deere lawn mower. Check out this cool riding lawn mower that is at the same time a powerful drift vehicle too. What more could you possibly want during the summer? 🙂

If we had that incredible luck and got one of these in our hands when we were kids we could have finished the whole lawn mowing route in the neighborhood in just half a day. However, now when we grew older (and perhaps become crazier), there is a pretty big chance that we would just tear up the whole lawn while drifting like hell. Maybe even destroy the one that belongs to the neighbor that we dearly hate so much. Don’t you just love the Hoosier racing tires on the back of this drifting lawn mower? 🙂

Check out this lucky guy shredding through the field on the video below:


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