OMG! Is This Even Possible? 1500 HP Twin Turbo Lamborghini Achieves 9 Seconds on a Drag Strip!!!

Well this is something that we don’t see this every day – a two wheel drive Lamborghini Gallardo passing the drag strip in 9 seconds. Producing about 1500 hp and just 9.7 seconds, I’d say if the Gallardo would have launched harder it would definitely make an 8 second pass!

This video was filmed at a Texas Speed Syndicate event in Houston, Texas. The owner of this cherry red Lamborghini comes from Dallas and his car was built by the customizer Dallas Performance.

We would love to see this Gallardo on its full power with a harder launch and better tyres. This has to be worth enough to break a few parts to knock another second off!

The guy who drove this car said that he came to Houston to show everyone how to drive. Do you think that he managed to do that? Check this event on the following video!


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