OMG! Meet with 66MVP’s Nissan GT-R – A Pure Custom Made Perfection! I’m Jealous Now!

And even though we all know that the standard GT-R sound is pretty good, that was not enough for 66MVP, so they came to the decision to upgrade it by installing JBL components, along with JBL subs, mounted on the trunk. Engine was not ‘overdone’, but still there were some changes like the new exhaust, which became complete Greddy Catback, and for better ‘breathing’ there are the Greddy intercoolers, along with intercooler piping, bypass valves and new suction kit.

66MVP’s Nissan GTR 7

Another good thing in this story is that 66MVP has become one of the small number of shops who are receiving a backup and feedback by an official Nissan dealer -- Sansone Jr’s 66Automall. After you buy your GT-R, these guys will install the parts and you will receive your warranty and with that, you peace of mind as well. This is the time when most of the major car manufacturers are starting to give a recognition to the aftermarket community they deserve, so in future we should be expecting to see more works like this one, where the auto-dealers and shops will be working hand in hand.


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