OMG! Optical Illusion Or a Real Truck?! FIND OUT and TELL US Do You Like It!

No, you are not hallucinating, nor it is an optical illusion, but a real upside-down truck, a work of Rick Sullivan, a car shop worker, who got this bizarre idea of building this ‘thing’ from the countless repairs of cars and other vehicles that were flipped over. The man had spent $6 000 and over 6 months of work to complete his one of a kind vehicle from the components of couple of different vehicles: the bases are taken from a ’91 Ford Ranger pickup truck and the upper part, including the spinning wheels is coming from a ‘95 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The initial idea for the construction of the upside-down truck came to Sullivan when he got a call and was asked to transport an overturned Ford Ranger. So he started to collect parts from Ford F-150, buying different things in different places. He did not use a blueprint, but simply started to put together the parts he got his hands on and to develop the idea as he was working on it. And after many modifications and adjustments, his vision became a reality.

Now he proudly drives his creation around his home town of Clinton, in Illinois, and as you can imagine, the attention he gets is overwhelming. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “OMG! Optical Illusion Or a Real Truck?! FIND OUT and TELL US Do You Like It!

  1. Anthony

    Put seatbelts on them kids

    1. Mac

      You’re right Anthony, that’s what’s missing in this unique car.

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