OMG! STUNNING 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda. The Everlasting Charm of The Golden Muscle Era!

When it comes to the all American muscle cars, as much as there are some awesome and unbelievably powerful new models with state of the art technology, which allows it to do some things that were almost unconceivable, only a few years ago, I still can not resist the allure of the muscle cars from a few decades back. Every time I see some great specimen that is coming from the golden era of the American muscle cars, the 60s and the 70s, I’m starting to get this feeling deep inside which indicates to me that there is something special about it and no other ‘newcomer’, no matter how powerful and good looking it is, can not touch the magic that comes from within.

One typical example of everything abovementioned is this 1970 Plymouth Hemi Baracuda that you are about to see in the video bellow. It is recently posted video, but unfortunately its author did not bother himself to give us any info about this awesome car, so we are not going to get inside any speculations about what lies under the hood. I will only say that I have no doubts that there is anything less that 370 HP (taking to an account most of the ‘regular’ Cudas out there from the same period). And when it comes to the exterior, well, just watch the video.


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