OMG! Tanner Foust is Breaking the World’s Long Jump Record (VIDEO)

Now this is something really spectacular (even by a definition, if you prefer it like that better) and rarely seen. Maestro Tanner Foust is once again giving us the pleasure of extraordinary stunt and in this case a record breaking of the world’s longest jump with a car.

And if some of you were having some complains with other videos of this kind about the vehicle, or the track or some other B.S. now we all have a chance just to relax and enjoy in the magic this guy does.

One of the things that are specific about the great people is that when you see them doing their thing, it seems so easy, which is kind of a mirror of the perfection of their act. And, as you will see it in the video bellow, it is exactly how this long distance -- jump, done by Tanner Foust, looks like.



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