OMG! THIS IS HUGE – 2014 Ram 3500 vs. 2014 Ford F350 Frame Twisting Test!

OMG! THIS IS HUGE – 2014 Ram 3500 vs. 2014 Ford F350 Frame Twisting Test!

On the video below we have two gorgeous white American diesel trucks made by two giants in the truck industry. On one side we have the 2014 Ram 3500 4Γ—4 and on the other side is the 2014 Ford F350 Super Duty. They are both terrific trucks with proven capabilities and high quality. But, today it’s time to find out which one of them has a better frame. That’s why the guys in the video are going to do a frame twisting test.

I bet all the fans of Ram and Ford pickup trucks will be very interested to find out the results of this test. For all the neutral truck lovers, we ask you this question: after seeing this frame twisting taste, which truck would you choose?

Waiting your comments below!


158 thoughts on “OMG! THIS IS HUGE – 2014 Ram 3500 vs. 2014 Ford F350 Frame Twisting Test!

  1. JB

    The effects show Ford’s independent front suspension as opposed to the solid front axle on the Dodge.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for the information JB.

      1. sam

        Thats of a ford. Let it flex its suppose to. Its better than cracked boxes, bowed axils and cracked frames .i drive a f 250 in the oil field and drive the. Hell out of it. She cleans right up. What ever fkrd uses or y it does what it does is because. Uhhuh

        1. Mac

          Glad you’re happy with your Ford truck Sam πŸ™‚

        2. joe

          The ford frame is flexing which is what you do NOT want. You want the suspension to do ALL the flexing. If the frame flexes, it will work harden and crack. Rock buggies have ultra rigid frames with essentially zero flex and the suspension flexes to insane limits. The Dodge does not have flexy suspension but at least the frame wont crack. The Ford needs a stiffer frame and the Dodge needs better suspension flex.

    2. Dave

      Ford Super Duty “4X4’s” do not have Independent Front Suspension. (The 2WD Ford Super Duty has IFS)
      The “4X4” F-150’s have IFS,

      1. Mac

        Thanks for letting us know that Dave.

      2. phil shaffer

        I F S independant front suspension

    3. tristan

      Jb the ford is solid axle just as the Dodge is

      1. Noel

        Hmmm…Why are the right rear tires half empty on the Ford?

        1. Mac

          I wonder the same Noel…

        2. Bill

          Yeah, you’re right! The lack of air pressure has everything to do with the obvious frame twist…

          1. Mac

            Hahaha πŸ™‚ Bill that was funny man!

    4. Tim

      That is incorrect, the 2014 Ford Super Duty does not have independent front suspension. You may be thinking of the F 150.

    5. CR

      Ford doesn’t have independent. They scrapped the twin traction beam IFS in the 90s. Fords use a 4 link solid front axle with coil springs same as the dodge…

      1. Mac

        Thanks CR!

    6. Joe

      FORD Super Duty do NOT have independent front suspension. Only the F150 has IFS. Both Ford and Dodge have solid front axle with coil springs.

      1. Mac

        Thank you Joe for this information.

    7. Bill E.

      if that was the case how come the tailgate wouldn’t open…… the frame is twisting so the bed is Pinched shut on the tailgate.

      1. Mac

        You’re right Bill.

    8. Blake Crawford

      No it doesn’t. IFS has nothing to do with the rigidity of the frame. That Ford is a flexible piece of crap. The frame is twisting and the entire body is being distorted, and it won’t go back to ‘normal’ when this is over. Both the materials and engineering are inferior to the Dodge. I don’t even want to imagine the stress on the drive line. I don’t own or give a shit about trucks but I am an engineer. This shows the foresight of a company that uses 8mm bolts on trucks where Nissan uses 14mm bolts on a CAR.

      1. Mac

        Dodge all the way Blake πŸ˜‰

        1. joseywales

          Dodge all the way…you couldn’t pay me to own a ford…my dads lemon of a ford truck put the end of me wanting a ford truck…I’d joined the dark side a got a 3/4/1ton 4×4…..with a big block…never had any troubles with it…and my dads along time ford man switched over to Chevy…lol

          1. Mac

            I’m glad you found the right truck for you Joseywales πŸ˜‰ Cheers friend!

      2. chris

        What stress I guess u never seen a semi suspension it does the same as the ford so u say that they r crap to

    9. Buddy

      this test? Failed, crew cab dodge, six foot bed as opposed to extended cab ford long bed. Of course it’s going to flex more

      1. Sara

        They are both crew cabs with full 8′ beds. The only 6′ bed dually is on a mega-cab and that RAM is not mega-cab.

    10. Jarrett

      Dodge does not have a solid front axle it hasn’t for years it has independent front suspension.

      1. Jarrett

        Sorry my mistake let me correct myself.. I was thinking of the ram 2500 as it still offers an independent front suspension option with air bag suspension. Though it does also have a solid axle version too

    11. Steven Cook

      2014 and up rams have independent front suspension

      1. Clint

        Absolutely NEVER has Dodge manufactured a 3/4 ton 4×4 truck with IFS. All 2wd drive trucks have IFS though due to the lack of an axle. Let’s all pray they keep solid axle 4×4’s a tradition.

    12. Rexford L

      The Ford also has a solid front axle.. same with the Dodge.(Ram)

    13. Andrew

      Ford does not use IFS on super duties Its a dana 60, do your homework before you make ignorant comments…

  2. josh

    From this video it is not a practical test . The ford is showing better flex over uneven surfaces which is what you want to due to traction issues while pulling a trailer. The doors still open as designed and most people who are loading anything of any kinda real payload will be doing such on flat ground with some sort of lift. conclusion on my part the ford still is the better vehicle. Pick real world events not some partial setup that serves nothing.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for your opinion Josh!

      1. Chuck

        Should have shown the trucks back on level surface and see if there were any lasting effects. An airplane wing is designed to flex, it improves it’s strength, a truck frame may be a similar situation. I recently traded my Ford for a Dodge so hope to be impartial.

        1. Mac

          I agree Chuck. How do you like your new Dodge?

    2. James

      How can you say ford is the better truck? Even ford says the the 450 not the 350 matches Ram. I hate it when people who don’t have all the facts talk.

      1. Mac

        Which truck do you like better James?

    3. Frasaer

      Sorry Josh, I disagree.

      A flexing chassis acts like a spring. And the flex won’t be linear. The combination of these two factors mean a flexing chassis can make the vehicle behave erratically. Also, a flexing chassis will change the suspension geometry. Quality suspension designed for the type of work is the key to traction, not a flexing chassis.

      See the clip below (similar to the one above), they load up the tray and manage to buckle the tailgate. I don’t think the manufacture designed that to happen, because it is NOT meant to happen.

      JB independent suspension vs solid axle shouldn’t change chassis flex, but can affect wheel articulation or suspension travel (more chance of keeping 4 wheels on the ground over uneven terrain).

      1. Mac

        Thanks for sharing that with us Frasaer!

      2. Matt


        The buckling of the tailgate on the Ford is an indication that its frame is stiffer than the GM frame. The F-series frame isn’t going to flex nearly as much and consequently a percentage of the stress will act on other parts of the vehicle, particularly the bed/tailgate in this example. Some people would consider this to be a loss in the comparison, or a “fail” or whatever, but i’d much rather have a damaged tailgate over a frame that I don’t trust.

        1. Mac

          Thanks for sharing your opinion with us Matt.

    4. Jason

      This is not suspension flex. This is chassis flex. If it were just suspension flex the truck bed wouldnt be twisted like this. Only the suspension would be twisted.

      1. Mac

        You’re right Jason.

    5. Blake Crawford

      The vehicles suspension is supposed to flex. Not the vehicle. That truck is clearly begging for mercy in this video. This test is absolutely practical.

      There are cars better than my 300zx. Admitting that doesn’t make me feel bad about myself. Don’t try to justify obvious failure as a “feature”. Two or three guys jump on that Ford like that, it will snap something. Bottom line, its weaker. Not ” more capable”.

      Its not an aircraft wing. The ability for those to flex enables them to tolerate the extreme pressures of lifting giant planes while impacting air molecules at an imperfect angle. This is neccesary because the wings will snap under the stress if they are too rigid. A jet with solid wings capable of withstanding infinite force would in every way handle better than one with flexible steel wings. Its just that such a material doesn’t exist until carbon nano tubes are more common. The Ford doesn’t have a reason or excuse. The Dodge is better at “being a truck.”

      1. Mac

        You’re right Blake!

    6. aubrey

      that is exactly what i was thinking blake,you are so right.when its comes to traction on dirt roads and rocky terrain the ford is most definitly the better truck for the job

      1. Mac

        Thanks for your comment aubrey!

  3. m

    Well, I don’t recall parking that bad very often, But my 2015 F350 is still tows my 18,000 lb toy hauler like it aint even there. I was surprised to get 11 mpg, on a recent trip, towing the 43 ft Raptor, fully loaded (including an 1100lb mule) in high winds. I think Dodges look great, but after my son has owned a few, I’ll stick with Ford (He finally moved up to a Super Duty as well) …

    1. Mac

      You are a lucky to own a Ford truck πŸ™‚

    2. Leslie

      Towed 14 and 1/2 tons half way across the USA with my super duty they built them tough as hell. What I would like to see is both trucks pull the same load on a trailor across and see how welding trucks flex then. You can put a truck on two ramps when you put weight on it stress builds. And something is going to give.

      1. Mac

        You got a point Leslie. Your suggestion would enable seeing the true capabilities of the trucks.

  4. Cory

    I agree with Josh. These kinds of tests are not practical. I have personally ridden in both these your model vehicles and in my opinion the Ford is a much smoother ride over rough surfaces and asphalt. I’m not going to try to unload my truck on a surface such as that. It’s impractical to think that anybody will try to open a tailgate on surfaces simulated in this demonstration. 1. It would be dangerous. 2. if you’re going to pay that much money for a truck you’re not going to purposely abuse it.

    these kinds of tests are only meant to sell trucks to people who don’t know me better if you want a real test why not take it for a test drive for yourself. Like I said this is just my opinions.

    1. Mac

      I agree Cory. Thanks for you opinion, we appreciate it.

    2. Wayne

      Your going to spend that much money on truck amd not abuse it? This is a work truck its going to get a abused, why buy it if you not going to use it out in the field? I understand some people use it just to haul trailers on the road, but what about the people using them on pipeline roads, logging roads and etc. this could be very important on those kind of roads. This chassis flex on these kind of roads could be the down fall to this truck, once it gets up there in miles.

      1. Mac

        True indeed Wayne.

  5. Chevy guy

    I like the way ford decided to pick on dodge for this kind of test sense ford buckled there bed doing the same test against chevy a few years back…

    1. Mac

      What was the result of that test?

    2. mike

      Exactly…. it keeps failing tests against rivals. Towing and pulling capabilities are there but the frames are junk.

  6. chris

    I agree with josh if the dodge were to get in that position it would loose traction how ever thats a lot of frame twist on the ford .im a ford man all the way but if I were in the market to buy a new truck in 2015 it would be the seirra all the way much nicer than all the above

    1. Mac

      What truck do you have now Chris?

  7. jacoblantei

    I would prefer the ford coz of the (cog)center of gravity very intelligent thinking you won’t need the tail gate all times anyway.

    1. Mac

      That’s great jacoblantei. I guess Ford is your kind of truck my friend πŸ™‚

  8. Ross

    I would rather the truck with the stiffer frame, as after time the ford cab will rattle like a kids toy

    1. Mac

      Have you had any experience with that Ross?

  9. adam

    Ok iv worked on farm most of my life iv seen a lot of trucks and used a lot of them in real life places and if they would flex that bad tells me that sooner or later it’s not going to go back straight one of the times you come off the back 40

    1. Mac

      Thanks for sharing your experience with them Adam.

  10. Nick Sigsbey

    I’m not sure what the point of the video is…the Ford is more flexible. Is one supposedly better? The beds are built differently so the tailgate thing is kinda pointless, too. The Ford bed is the same as the fleet side but with dually flares added while the dodge dually bedside is formed from one piece. Oh, and both are 4×4 with solid front and rear axles.

    1. Mac

      True indeed Nick.

  11. Al

    Yeah… Yet ford will repeatedly talk smack about how “bad” frame flex is when they compare to the tundra… So which is it??? Frame flex good? Or bad?

    1. Mac

      What do you think Al? Which truck do you like better, Ford or Dodge?

  12. Rusty

    Twin I-beam vs solid axle. All you’re showing me is the dodge is going to ride like garbage and not maintain traction in anything less than flat ground. Even if this was a true frame flex, anybody with any engineering sense knows that things that aren’t able to flex, shear. Ever look at an airplane wing when you’re flying?

    1. Mac

      Thank you for sharing your opinion with us Rusty. I’m sorry if you find the video pointless.

  13. Matt stokes

    i have owned a new 2014 dodge since November 1 2013 u couldn’t give me another one of these peices of sh** it has been in the shop 12 time since December of 2013 and Chrysler is yet still trying to screw me anyway they can. I will own a powerstroke AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. My advise to anyone wanting a new dodge DONT

    1. Mac

      Too bad you got a bad truck Matt πŸ™

  14. Rene

    The test is like Josh said non practical, but drive 6-8hrs LOADED on each see which one is a much comfortable ride. You will be lying if u say the ram. My ONLY reason for going with the ford

    1. Mac

      Agree with you Rene!

  15. jonathan

    That’s funny JB, when did ford switch to independent front??? You sir have been misinformed. Ford Super Dutys have always had solid axles… and still do. But you do bring up a good point. Josh, I’ll bet you never have any “real world” circumstances that will prove the frame on that truck twisting like that is in anyway intended for better articulation to maintain traction. That would be done with the suspension and only the suspension. Some flex in a steel frame like that would be tolerable in order to maintain its integrity. But what was shown in this video in anything but.

    1. Mac

      Now JB would have more information Jonathan. Thanks for letting us know more.

  16. michael

    If you think fords have independant front suspension, you dont belong around vehicles.

    1. Mac

      Now he will know better Michael. Thanks for letting him know more about the truck.

  17. George

    I wonder how they would test on a asteroid?

    1. Mac

      Hahaha πŸ™‚ That would be a hell of an idea George lol

  18. jake

    This isn’t flex your seeing it’s a frame strength test dodges frame is stronger and fords is flimsy look at the beds dodge is close to level and fords is tipped down alot more that’s the frame twisting not the suspension

    1. Mac

      Is Dodge your kind of truck Jake?

  19. Kieth

    This is a pointless exhibition, Ford, and Dodge both suck Chevy is the best and this is backed up by nobody ever puts a Dodge or Ford against a Chevy.

    1. Mac

      Which Chevy truck is your favorite Kieth?

  20. Peter

    I like the ford body but that’s about it. Ever since the 7.3 they have been changing engines every few yrs and still can’t make a decent one. Dodge still has the same cummins for many yrs

    1. Mac

      Thanks for sharing that with us Peter. You can find many articles about Dodge trucks on our website. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  21. Jerry

    Here is an Idea – I would like to see this photo – a side shot of each truck Before hook up and after.
    Get a twin axle construction trailer – load a Bob Cat. Take a side shot – before/after
    Show the Chevy/Dodge/Ford side view
    the Ford looks like a little girl squatting to pee
    the dodge settles significantly
    The Chevy/GMC Only levels out.

    1. Mac

      Great idea Jerry πŸ˜€

  22. Eugene Spicer

    I’ve already owned all the Chrysler products I ever want to own. I’m too old to be rolling around on the cold ground fixing things that are poorly designed. Every time I’ve had to fix something on these it looks like the vehicle threw up parts in the driveway cuz to get to any parts on these you have to practically dis-assemble the entire vehicle.

    1. Mac

      Many thanks for sharing your rich experience with all of us Eugene πŸ™‚

  23. Jance

    So… Is this saying that the Dodge is better than Ford because the tailgate doesn’t open when you TWIST THE FRAME??

    1. Mac

      Which truck would you choose Jance? Ford or Dodge?

  24. Randy

    Frame flex is bad if it does it under its own weight.
    You only want that much flex with load. It’s better to have the flex in the suspension not frame. If you are towing in off camber ground 4×4 with lock is what you want not flex of chassis. Theres not a motorsport that does not improve what the car or truck does without first stiffen the chassis and set suspension for what there doing. For example I rock crawl where you want flex but you don’t want it in the frame all suspension. Because over time body mounts and other mounts flex tear or break over time. You want long life from your rig.

    1. Mac

      Right indeed Randy!

  25. dalton

    This is a stupid test. Who would park there truck like that anyways?. Dodge is better. Regardles

    1. Mac

      What Dodge truck do you like the most dalton?

    2. Mark

      If you are a landscaper hauling a box load of blocks and towing a bobcat while driving through rough terrain the test may matter to you. If the heaviest thing you haul are groceries on pavement then the test is stupid.

      1. Mac

        I agree Mark. It all depends what actually do you need.

  26. josh

    This is just a very fetal attempt at dodge (or ram) selling trucks. Or. Better yet, Cummins selling trucks for dodge (ram). Thats the only thing they have goin for them, and it’s not even a true Cummins diesel. At least forsFord/chevy will build their own engine.

    1. Mac

      That’s another way of looking at it. Thanks for your comment josh!

    1. Mac

      Great video Chris. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  27. Robert

    Well taking it to another point of view away from having strong suspention or body built being a truck and that is supposed to have stuff in the bed i think the ford would do better going through tougher roads it seems to me that the back is almost straight parallel to the road but with the dodge it tilted that mean probably everything in the back would fall off right ???????

    1. Mac

      Thanks for your opinion Robert. Let’s hear what others think of it too.

  28. greg

    Interesting, I wonder what would happen with a fully loaded horse trailer on the back? Would the Ford frame return to normal? (I bet it would) would the Dodge frame twist and not go back to normal? Who would lose traction and get stuck? Seems pretty obvious to me.

    1. Mac

      What’s your experience with these two trucks greg?

  29. Allen Miller

    It’s time some guys get up to date , you don’t find the name Dodge on that truck! Dodge gave up and gave it over to Fiat, yes that name doesn’t sound American does it? Give Them credit because since that happened it has improved quite a bit. Be honest you Ram fans the Cummins engine is the only thing that has carried that truck. i’ll stick with quality and American names , it doesnt happen by accident to sell the number of trucks like Ford, no one comes even close!!

    1. Mac

      I agree with you Allen. Quality is what matters the most.

  30. Marcus Johnson

    Hey Mac.. You sure do have a lot of nice things to say about everyones comments, but you haven’t said anything about the video. What’s your take on it? What are your thoughs about these test results?

    1. Mac

      I think it’s good to see how the frame would bend or not bend in extreme conditions. However I consider this test more of a way for selling a certain brand of truck. I’m not a huge fan of liking some brand of trucks, and at the same time disliking/hating every other brand. To me the most important thing is the quality of the truck, not the name of it or its origin.

  31. Mark

    This video shows that even Chevy has less Flex than Ford with n empty box. The flex test is at the end of the video.

    1. Mac

      Many thanks Mark! πŸ™‚

  32. Rick

    I have a piece of Garbage Ford Raptor. Do a YouTube search of bent frames of the Raptor. I would love to list all the problems with my truck, it sucks. Chevy all the way.

    1. Mac

      Too bad Rick. I hope you get a better one πŸ˜‰

  33. Darrell

    You guys ever watch a big rig tow heavy loads from a dead stop?! The frame flexes and twists!!!! :0 There is a reason for it!

    1. Mac

      Thanks for this information Darrell!

  34. Sylvain

    Im a mechanical engineer, i’ve worked in the auto anindustry. What we’re seeing in the video only shows one thing: a different desing intent for two vehicles (one with a frame that is made to flex, and one that is not). The video does’t indicate one vehile is better designed than the other but rather that the are designed differently. A SUV has a rigid frame to protect the body while a Unimog’s frame is designed to flex to follow the terrain…doesnt necessarily mean its weaker.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for sharing with your rich experience and the valuable information Sylvain !



    1. Mac

      Hahaha πŸ™‚ Sure thing Dos !

  36. dave

    Lol. Show the Dodge driver going in the ditch during a death wobble

    1. Mac

      Hahahah πŸ˜€ That would be a hell of an idea Dave! lol

  37. thumps

    I just cant remember the last time I was out 4 wheeling and had my truck teetering and decided I wanted to put my tailgate down . trucks flex that’s how they are made , didn’t see the chevy in there .

    1. Mac

      This video would be much better if the Chevy was also included in the comparison Thumps.

  38. imamech

    The 350 had more flex yes but look at the way the frames are built. Ford uses a taller c channel frame and dodge uses a smaller box frame.on logging roads and pipe trails id rather have flex so it rolls threw areas like that. When you have a load on id rather it fallow the road than get tossed from the truck. Another thing you gotta look at is how the beds made where the cross member are and so on. If you want a truck that fits you and the job its ment to do choose yourself dont listen to this sh*t. A stiff ride is a had ride. A farm that rolls threw turns and over uneven ground where its at. The ruggedness and stiffness doesn’t Change how well a truck towns so dont talk unless you know sh*t.

    1. Mac

      You’re right Imamech. It’s always best to listen to yourself !

  39. Bill Beveridge

    Funny how the Dodge has a 6’6″ Bed which is all you can get in the crew cam and 8′ on the Ford. When they fail to mention that, well I say, buy GM.

    1. Mac

      You got a point there Bill!

  40. zachary

    This isn’t just a frame test from what I can see this is also a suspension test. The suspension is there to help the frame in events just as this one. So for people to say it isn’t showing anything as to how good of suspension both these trucks are equipped with is an illogical statement. Plus did one of these trucks have the off road package and the other did not? That would be a big factor into which truck is going to perform better here. From what I can see the Dodge is the better truck of the 2 in this test.

    1. Mac

      Thanks a lot for your opinion Zachary!

  41. Jack

    When I think of the Fords frame twisting, I think of when a big rig is accelerating pulling a trailer and the chassis twists under load. I can see that as practical in some situations. With a pickup truck I’m not sure if that is needed. On the track guys use traction bars and upgraded suspension to apply the tires to the road vs flexing the frame. I don’t know if this was intentional on Fords part. I don’t see a frame snapping anytime soon. I would think that the suspension load would be a more important factor on the overall load capacity. The tailgate sticking shut is a huge downside for guys hauling a big load on a hill or angle.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for your opinion Jack.

  42. Sam

    if you want something done right the first time just let us Europeans do it πŸ˜‰

    1. Mac

      Thanks for the offer Sam! πŸ™‚

  43. rchris

    Shouldnt they have pulled both trucks onto the ramps straight… the ford was pulled on at an angle…

    1. Mac

      Good idea rchris!

  44. Chase baker

    A truck is a truck no matter how it runs flexes or what ever as long as it gets u from point a to point b then it is okay so everyone stop arguing and grow up it’s a truck not ur wife

    1. Mac

      You got a point there Chase πŸ˜‰

      1. ryan

        They put a weaker frame on that ford. It was riged. You cant even hear what they are saying on that back yard test

        1. Mac

          Well, that’s very nice -_-

  45. Mr. Kennedy

    If u look long and hard like u did u kind fine something bad with all trucks

    1. Mac

      That’s a fact Mr. Kennedy. Every truck has its weaknesses.

  46. Jeff

    Wow! This only goes to prove that Ford is worthless. If i were in the market for a truck. (I’m not), i would not buy the Ford. Frames arent supposed to flex! You Ford people are crazy! Thats why frames are getting stronger by the year, to prevent this! I’m not a huge Dodge fan either but it definitely came out on top. I would love to see the Chevy/GMC in this test. Sorry Ford, you lose my business next time.

    1. Mac

      I agree Jeff, it would be great to see the Chevy/GMC in this test too.

  47. Cliff Young

    Bet my old 93 1500 GMC king cab step side could out preform both of these guys.Stout and strong with a tough frame and a good old 350 ci. Its a tank..but its still kicking strong at 275000 miles.

    1. Mac

      Well, you know how they say Cliff – old is gold πŸ™‚

  48. kevin

    That’s good to know. Just this week, I found out that I need to go pick up a load that required me to go rock climbing and load it in the middle of doing so. I will get a dodge so I can open the tail gate.

  49. Tyler Grant

    Thank you for reposting my video!

    1. Mac

      You’re welcome Tyler Grant! πŸ™‚

  50. Ryan

    The Ford didn’t even pull up the ramps as far as the dodge (look at the ramp distance left behind left rear tire) therefore less weight on the front left tire to pull the rear right end up. Terrible comparison. Pull the ford up the exact same way the dodge pulled up next time and I guarantee the rear lift will be the same. FAIL!!!

    1. Mac

      OK Ryan. We will try to find a better comparison in the future πŸ˜‰

  51. Panda

    Lousy video, FIRE the cameraman!

    1. Mac

      Come on Panda, give him a chance πŸ˜‰ I’m sure he did his best.

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