OMG !!! This Is What I Call POWER! Check Out This Twin-Turbo Mid-Engine Drag Truck Riping Down the Strip !!!

When a person has the burning desire for speed, there is a very big chance to find himself getting creative ideas how to squeeze out every possible bit of monstrous power that the engine can and cannot produce. One of the parts in the mission for more and more power and of course speed, is the swapping of the engine.

Obviously the people responsible for the monstrous vehicle on the video below have been infected with a contagious virus called “ME WANT SPEEEED!!!” One of the symptoms is an incredible dose of creativity.

Their creation is sort of a truck, however there is no engine on the front, since the power factory was moved to a place behind the cabin. Also, the truck was heavily upgraded. We are talking about a 580 cc piece of metal which is injected with power by two beautiful 76 mm turbocharging babies.

Thus equipped, the vehicle is powerful enough to rip the hell of the drag strip, and do that very fast! We leave you to enjoy the final performance 🙂

See this Frankenstein Chevy S10 pickup truck on the video below:


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