OMG, TOTALLY NUTS! Check Out This Crazy Dude Riding A Motorcycle Chariot!

We live in a funny world. A person could wonder what not to expect on the road. Accidentally met on the road was filmed a video with a guy who runs a motorcycle chariot. Obviously he enjoy driving it a lot, which can be seen by that nice enthusiastic smile on his face.

People invent all sorts of things which are very unique and useful. But sometimes it seems that you don’t need any expensive equipment and a lot of brains to create something which would be totally cool and awesome. Just use the things you have in your backyard.

If Ben-Hur could have changed his horses with a motorcycle, he would have probably chosen a Harley like this funny character.

As for me, had I known that this could be a career option, I would try to become a professional motorcycle chariot racer by now. Think of all those years wasted doing nothing, instead of winning gold medals…damn!

And now, it’s time for the riders of the storm! Enjoy the show my friends 🙂


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