One Unusual Corvette From 1958 – Bill Mitchel’s XP-700 Chevrolet Corvette Concept…

By 1958 the XP-84 and XP-64 projects for Chevrolet Corvette were dead ends. None of the models led nowhere, at least technically, and this will be the trend of the thread: Corvettes that could have changed the history of the model and the image of the brand, focusing primarily on technological innovation, both in the street and in competition. Or at least that was the most striking.

Because neither the XP-64 and XP-84 were aesthetically discreet. Especially the latter. Bill Mitchell had entered in General Motors, and from the start made ​​it clear what he thought regarding the Corvette. And when General canceled the project, not everyone fell on deaf ears. Bill Mitchell loved the XP-84 line, so he immediately looked for a new opportunity to put into practice and get a Corvette as well.



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