One Unusual Corvette From 1958 – Bill Mitchel’s XP-700 Chevrolet Corvette Concept…

But these things take their time, and had to prepare the public for such a radical change: not everyone would like to swallow the passage of the huge chrome grille with teeth and the round headlights with razor sharp lines of the discrete and elegant 1963 Sting Ray, with hidden headlamps and minimal bumpers.

XP-700 Corvette Concept three quarter front left side

So we come to the XP-700 from 1958, the first “experimental” that actually led to production. The reasons for doing so are clear: General Motors could not afford technological delicacies in a model that now had a specific gravity (sales, especially of royalty) in Chevrolet, but aesthetic experiments, because in the U.S., the cars changed every year and the five-years forward shock was to leave the competition five steps back.



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