ONLY FOR DRIFT-MASTERS: Chris Forsberg Drifting While Being Tazed! Can You Do It?

As you most of you probably know, Chris Forsberg is a real badass behind the wheel, a driver who had done some serious stunts and drifts, but is he that good to be able to drift while being tazed by a guy sitting right next to him? The video that we have prepared for you in today’s post will give us an answer to that question.

The challenge is for Chris to get inside the car and to start doing his thing, while his companion (in this prank), Tony Angelo, tazes him big time, by placing that little annoying aparatus on different parts on his body.

Of course, I would not tell you how this experiment ended, because as it is very clear, that will ruin the fun of watching the video. Therefore, just relax and watch the video bellow and have a good time. But it would be much better if you do not try something like this at home.


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