ONLY STREET Legal Batman Car – Driven by Australian HERO Who Works To Help Terminally Ill Children!!!

Zac Mihajlovic, a 29-year old Australian, created in the backyard of his house the first replica of the famous Batmobile which appeared in the 1989 Batman movie that can legally drive on the streets. This young man has been declared an unconditional fan of the superhero.

The author has rejected offers of millions for his creation, but do not plans to sell it and will use it to satisfy terminally ill children, working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This project began around 2009 with his grandfather, a retired mechanic.

Together they began to produce the car of the dreams of many comic book fans. Mihajlovic stated for the Daily Mail that “I had offered about a million dollars for it, a businessman in Sydney and a sheikh of Dubai wanted it, but even though the offers were fair, I’d rather use it for other purposes.”

With the decision made, I contacted with the multinational company Warner Bros. to ensure that they would not end the project due to copyrights. Once given the green light, he began to buy parts for the vehicle. In fact, he claims that more than 30% of the components are from the original Batmobile appearing in the 1989 film.


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