OOOPS…..! Watch This Great Truck Drifting and SAYING HELLO To the SIDEWALK!

It s one thing to have a great truck, car or any type of vehicle, and it is a completely another to be able to drive it with skills and have a capacity to pull out a good stunt with it. The video that we have prepared for you in this post is a living proof of that, as you are about to see a total drifting fail.

What we have is one great looking pickup truck (for which unfortunately we do not have the list of specs) in metallic blue, trying to give the road spectators a good time by doing a little drift-driving. But instead, it ends up in a pretty disappointing failure.

And even though it is not something that it is totally out of control, on which you will not stop laughing for a whole week, still it is pretty attractive and unpleasant bummer! Check it out and let me hear you opinion about it!


6 thoughts on “OOOPS…..! Watch This Great Truck Drifting and SAYING HELLO To the SIDEWALK!

  1. Dom

    Truck is a 2010+ Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

    4.0L V6 246 hp 235 lb ft of torque, obviously rear wheel drive. He might have mods in it, but it comes looking like that from the factory. Wish Toyota would build more awesome vehicles like this….

    1. Mac

      Thanks a lot for the specs of the truck Dom! We appreciate it 🙂

    2. trevor

      Wrong. Its an 05+ Tacoma xrunner.

      1. Mac

        Thanks Trevor!

    1. Mac

      Very cool! 🙂

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