OPEN YOUR MIND -- YOU HAVE LEARNED IT ALL WRONG -- by Sam Harris! Do you now feel like you have wasted a part of your life?


7 thoughts on “4 MILLION Views – OPEN YOUR MIND – YOU HAVE LEARNED IT ALL WRONG – by Sam Harris!

  1. Yahya farnad

    Simple facts sometimes are very difficult to be seen and felt. Thanks to mr.harris . During waching and listening it was reminding me of the verses of KHAYYAM the great persian poet and mathematician. Thanks again.

  2. Lynette Cardona

    I understand this is true and I regret not telling my father that everything was alright. I guess he knew. What a wonderful concept to accept the NOW…..now….right now I am realizing I am happy. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. I really like that, there is a lot to learn there even if the information has been said before. I’ve always had a hard time living in the moment and lately have been spending too much time on the Internet and keep putting little adventures off for another day. What a great video, I would love to read a book by him!

  4. Clarence Barney

    This is absolutely true, and it illustrates the truth that the journey is more important than the destination. As Don Juan said, “Choose a path with heart”. Choose goals that reward greatly each moment of the journey and lead to ever better future moments..

  5. Thanks to my dad, R.I.P. to him i already realized this, and i’m sooo sorry that i lost my childhood without knowing this or better said without doing it…there are so many things that we slip them from our attention what deserve more attention then lots of other *small* things what we fight for every day…and when you can understand and agree with fact that we don’t have control at our life and we don’t decide when or where we die you will really enjoy every damn sec. of your life, enjoy of every tiny fact even if that means to get out of the car in a trip and touch the ice cold water from a river in mountains, you will never think in the same way you did once, that’s the biggest secret kept away from us, you can achieve anything and you can own anything you just need to think and believe in that thing, you just need to think positive and everything it will be fine, there are no words like “i can’t or i’m not capable” you just need to believe it!

  6. Julian davies

    AS someone who has a brain tummor the size of Canada, I have over the last few weeks slowly realised that we do spend to much time on trivial things. Petty arguments with loved ones, being jealous of others, at times being cruel to people I thought didn’t fit in. Now that I haven’t got much time left I wish I knew what was in that video clip and took it to heart. We are only here for a short time so don’t get bogged down by all the crap like what shoes or dress the kadashians are wearing or who Bieber is going out with. Just enjoy life and love and be loved because we are only here once….

  7. very inspiring…. thanks sam harris!

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