Original 1968 Shelby GT500 Convertible Rust Restored!

1968 Shelby GT500
What you see in this article is Shelby GT500 forgotten in a barn. Can you imagine the consequences of leaving out such a precious model in a place full of rust. The photos tell everything. It would require lots of money and time to restore the previous condition of these vehicles.

Under the hood of this Shelby, there is a428 Cobra Jet engine wired to 4-speed manual transmission. Here you have some interesting facts about this vehicle shared by Marti Report: It is 1 of 408 convertibles, 1of 153 manual-transmission engine and 1 of 197 lime gold painted cars.

Now, it is put on sale for $50,100 on eBay. Just 4 days remain. Hurry up, guys!


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