OUTSTANDING HOMEMADE ENGINEERING: Powerwheels Combined With A Leaf Blower And What You Get Is THE WORK OF A REAL GENIUS!!!

Leaf blowers are fun to works with, but if there are too many of them, like a pile, then you need to find a solution to blow them faster. As we know there are some very clever people on this planet, and this father built the ultimate leaf blower.

He had a child that has extra energy and a small Power Wheels car, so he simply mounted the leaf blower there and there he goes, blowing leaves with joy. The kid seems to like this rig, and he will clean up all the leaves, and the father can enjoy the free time suddenly created.

These leaf blowers work on gasoline but they are very loud and dangerous for the ears, but the father gave his kid sound proofing, headphones on the head and he is good to go. The good thing here is that the kid knows exactly what he is doing and he is doing the job in the right way.

He blows the leaves as his father told him, only on one pile so it will be easier for them to throw them away. Good invention but not too good for kids though.


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