PGO Cevennes!

PGO Cevennes
If you are fond of luxury and class, and even more, a vintage style, you would definitely be mesmerized once you behold the PGO Cevennes.

There is not a single design feature, neither from the outside nor from the inside that won`t catch your eyes. To spice things up even more, the Cevennes has high-technology system added to it. Driving this neo-retro roadster is a definite pleasure encompassing past and the contemporary world.

PGO and BMW Group stroke a deal on February 29th, 2012. They decided to make a perfect combination of high performance and technology. What`s even more trendy about this super car is its CO2 emission reduction system.

Under the hood, there is a 1.6 liter-turbocharged engine with a brand new 6-speed manual gearbox and suspension. Thus, the model offers safety, oomph, and more dynamics.

The new technology incorporates: New radio Pioneer, compatible Mp3, iPhone/iPod and Bluetooth, 19/9 wide touch screen display, as well as a new audio option, and 2 additional tweeters which level up sound quality.

There are brand new seats which have integrated belts.

Technical Specifications


o Engine position: transverse mid engine
o Number of cylinders: 4 aligned
o Cubic capacity (bore x stroke): 1 598 cm3 (77 x 85,8 mm)
o Number of valves: 16, twin overhead camshaft, BMW Valvetronic
o Power Supply: multi-port direct injection, turbocharged
o Maximum power: 135 Kw (184 ch DIN) @ 5400-6450 rpm
o Maximum torque: 240 Nm (24,4 mkg) @ 1600-5000 rpm, 260 Nm in over-boost during 10 sec @ 1730-4500 rpm
o Compression level: 10.5:1
o Depollution system: 3-way catalytic converter


o Gear box: manual, 6 gears + reverse
o Front axle: McPherson system, with lower triangulated arm, transversal sway bar
o Rear axle: McPherson system, lower multi-arms
o Brakes: 4 ventilated discs
o Wheels: 7×17″ alloy wheels
o Tires size: 205/40 ZR 17
o Steering: pinion steering
o Turning circles between curbs: 9,40m


o Kerb weight: 1 012 Kg
o Fuel tank capacity: 42 liters
o Trunk capacity: 240 dm3
o Length: 3735 mm
o Width: 1735 mm
o Height: 1307 mm
o Wheelbase: 2261 mm
o Front and Rear Track: 1440/1430 mm


o Top Speed on Track: 225 km/h
o Fuel consumption (Unleaded 95RON)
 urban: 10,4 l/100km
 extra urban: 5,9 l/100km
 combined: 7,6 l/100km
o CO2 Emission: 175 g/km


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