PHENOMENAL DRIFTING With This BMW M3 E36 Powered By A Chevy LSX 454 V8!!!

During this year’s edition of the King of Europe drifting series we were able to see some incredible performances with amazing cars. One of them was seen at the second round of Monster Energy King of Europe Drift Pro Series 2014 in Italy. We are talking about a BMW M3 E36 driven by Benjamin Boulbes. This awesome car was powered by a Chevrolet’s LSX 454 V8 engine.

On this video we see the car offering some incredible drifting excellence with insane sound coming from that beautiful V8 engine. The footage was filmed in Castelletto di Branduzzo in Italy. Benjamin Boulbes is in fact the French Drift Champion and the Vicechampion from last year’s series of King of Europe. This man nearly killed the car.

Seeing a BMW M3 E36 driven by Chevy’s LSX 454 V8 is surely a sight to see. We hope you like this great video. Enjoy the show my friends! 🙂


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