Photo Gallery: 2014 Ford Mustang with FP6 Appearance Package!

December 5th is the day when the mind-blowing 2015 Mustang will be unveiled. As it is inching closer, Ford is sorting some other things out; it continues promoting the current 2014 lineup at the LA Auto Show.

Among the displayed Mustang, there is the V6 model pictured below, with its new-for-2014 FP6 appearance package.

2014 Ford Mustang

The standard (non-premium) Mustang V6 coupe version with either transmission includes body-colored window louvers, 18-inch gloss black wheels, gloss black mirror caps, and gloss black rear spoiler priced at $795.

The combination goes with any color, the black-over-black being the mind-blowing one.

The gallery above features the 2014 Ford Mustang with the FP6 Appearance Package at the LA Auto Show.


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