Porsche 911 EVOLUTION THROUGH THE YEARS: One Of The Most Impressive And Richest Chapters In Automotive History!!! WATCH IT NOW!

The Porsche 911 is the best car ever made, judging from its performance and from people’s view as they like this car since it was first made. This is one of the most iconic cars ever made and it is still in evolution as the Porsche brand doesn’t intend to cut the production of this car. There is a 2016 Porsche 911 that is out on the market now and once more it proved that the Porsche is going to stay at the top no matter what. What we have here for you today is a beautifully made video showing the Porsche 911 evolution throughout the years.

In 1964 the first Porsche 911 was made and the color was, yes you guessed it, Ivory White. The factory used this color because they were not sure if the pure white will do the trick and they went for the Ivory instead. It was a slam dunk for the company and even though the first engine was only 130 HP it had the ultimate performance and some engines are still running today.

In 1967 there was a huge upgrade on the Porsche 911 S and it featured a 158 HP engine that was a lot stronger than the last one. Sand beige was the original color of the 1967 version and it was not the most sold one too.

In 1973 there was the Porsche Carrera that was a huge hit among the public and it was a race car as well. It featured the ducktail spoiler in the back that gave the car stability while racing. With the 207 HP engine this was the best race car in the world.

1995 was the year when the engine got the 296 HP mark and that was the most powerful engine from Porsche back then. After this engine all of the others got over 300 HP and as we know them today the Porsche is the ultimate sports car than can be bought from a salon. Hope you all enjoyed watching the impressive Porsche 911 evolution.


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