Portugal’s Wild Off-road Session – Trucks with Pure V8 Engine Sound!

The small Portugese town of Rebordosa was welcoming the champions of the 2014 National Championship Trial 4×4. And to finish the sporting year in style, the club TT Paredes Rota dos Móveis presented a very tough track for the champions to deserve the title. With a reduced length, the circuit near the Sports Complex in Rebordosa raised the difficulties for the teams.

With Paulo Candeias (Standcandeias) absent, Alexandre Lemos (Team Serrao) came from Macedo de Cavaleiros to present his redesigned Jeep Wrangler to the Championship. Accompanied by Bruno Cameirão, he won the gold in Rebordosa.

Joao Pinto (Team CarJaime / Troqouro) traded for the second time this season the place of navigator and sat behind the wheel. The driver suffered by overheating the rockcrawler Nissan during the three hours of resistance at every turn and had to stop to put water in the car. Still he managed to control it and finish second.

Completing the podium was Jorge Silva (Paljet). In further evidence to many hazards, including three holes and a problem in the direction the driver had only completed five laps.

In addition we show you a recent footage of this excellent off-road event.



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