PRECIOUS! James T Kirk And Mr.Spock RULE the UNIVERSE! Check Out The New Commercial For The Electric Golf!

The TV series Star Trek made world known superstars of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, though not quite all people know them by their real names.

Most people know them only as Captain Kirk and Spock, and so the crew in Volkswagen decided to use their futuristic image fortheir latest advertising campaign.

Filmed in the USA, but destined for the German market, the advertisement is made​​ excellent, and in it Captain Kirk has taken out of the garage his new electric Volkswagen Golf, and on the street he encounters  Mr. Spock, who drives the futuristic XL1. And all this with the familiar music of Star Trek in the background.

While the advertising is a great way to promote the new e-Golf, it is actually not technologically more advanced that any other hybrid on the market, so the comparison with the space ship Enterprise is a bit not fitting. However, the company Volkswagen joined  “the electric euphoria” a little late and so their slogan “future for all” is a bit pretentious, because the same future was offered by a bunch of companies before it. In any case, this is an excellent and entertaining commercial.

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